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Welcome to "What's Your Conviction?"

Nestled in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains, Western North Carolina is a place of scenic beauty provided by God.  It is home to spiritual people of all ages. What's Your Conviction? (WYC) provides a safe place to publish, share, and read real life stories of spiritual journeys. It is also our mission at WYC is to provide a spiritual outlet for all people.

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"Saw the dark side, saw the Light"

by Evan P.

Well, when I was in the 8th grade, I encountered a tragedy.  That event would forever shape my life.  My father committed suicide.  It’s still hard to even say out loud.

After that, I went into a depression.  I stayed there awhile and battled a different demon every day.  Then, as life would have it, I started hanging out with the wrong crowd.  Not that I blame them for what happened to me.  It was all my own doing, but it did not help my situation... READ MORE HERE


by Amber L.

I think teenagers get a bad rap!  Many people think, or assume, I should say that because I am a rising senior in high school  that I must be on some sort of drug.  I am proud to say that I am drug fee, and a lot of my friends are, too.

Being drug free is a choice I have made.  I want to be on top of my game at all times, and I don’t need drugs getting in the way of my clear thinking. It doesn’t mean that I don’t go to parties or have a good time; I just don’t need drugs to do that. Some say straight edge; some say toad; I say happy. Please post if you feel the same way.

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